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Isn’t that just how the world works?

So many pointless wars, so many illusionary conflicts blown up and become real, so many inconvenient truths, so many harmful lies, so many animals dying for your hot dogs, so many humans underpaid for your socks, so many resources running out, so much suffering, so much pain. Maybe one day someone will come up with a solution for it all, maybe one day I will, but can I just paint the cloudy sky, it is sucha beautiful colour today, and thank you for the sweets, it’s just I don’t eat gelatin, but nevermind, so much effort for so little effect, imagine if everyone had acted like that, the world would be so very different. Cause you know a lotta effort is put into bad things, and if they refrained from that less bad things would be done but on the other hand if no effort was put into anything no good things would be done either, and that would be awkward, wouldn’t it? I dunno, I’m just gonna paint those clouds. Tomorrow, when there’s daylight. 

Quote of the day

“Personally, I rather look forward to a computer program winning the world championship. Humanity needs a lesson in humility”

– Richard Dawkins

Quote of the day

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

Charles Addams

The little things

I tend to let little things be the main focus of my life. Here are some I’ve been dwelling lately:

  • I really shouldn’t’ve cut bangs. They took 5 minutes for my hair dresser to create, 2 weeks for me to regret and – months of trying to grow them back out has only resulted in an annoying fringe of hair that is too short to put up in any nice looking way but so long that I can’t see with it hanging loose.
  • I have far too many half finished posts for this blog. A few of them would be nice, if I just pulled myself together to write them.
  • It’s nearly impossible to detect spinach in smoothies. It just adds a nice  green colour (or yucky brown, if the smoothie also contains raspberries) and good punch of iron.
  • Spinach contains an impressive amount of protein. In fact, 10,5 kg spinach provides 2100 calories, which is 50 kcal more than my calculated daily requirement, and 315 g protein, which is a helluva lot more than my daily requirement.  I can’t believe I just calculated that.
  • After over a year of running this blog (when did that happen?) I still don’t know how to change text size.
  • Always save drafts continuously while writing. Always.
  • I get a few more followers every time I publish a new post. Most of them seem to be hunting followers themselves, or strange commercial accounts about earning money online, but there are also a number of real people of which most are great bloggers! What? How? THANK YOU!
  • There is a board game called “Fifty shades of Grey: Release your inner goddess!” I just… No.
  • Why do I still have in my drawer sports bras that are 1) grown out of, thus 2) uncomfortable and 3) look similar to convenient and well fitted underwear?
  • Perhaps the world world wouldn’t be better if everyone thought the same way as I do, after all…
  • All the dumb, annoying, mean people in the Youtube comment fields… What if they are normal people with brains, they just don’t know the English language well enough to express themselves as such?
  • Why does the letter X exist? Why not just write KS?
  • I can’t get enough of this song.

How ARE you all?

Chip and I just returned from the most wonderful walk. After two weeks of constant rain, the sun decided to peak through and the temperature is pleasant. Not warm enough to go without a jacket, but still. It felt incredibly relaxing, as if I could forget everything for a little while. The gigantic pile of homework sitting on my desk. The earring I cannot find. Social life being partly wonderful, partly horrible and partly very complicated. The lack of blogging inspiration I’ve had lately. Walk it off!

I regret not bringing neither phone nor camera, because there was plenty of picture perfect moments. Soft morning light, from a pale blue sky. Cheerful, leash tangling encounters with other dogs. Pigeons and sparrows; sweaty joggers with technology far more advanced than their running style; a confused exchange student. Narrow gravel paths, with trees and bushes leaning from the sides in to create a tunnel-like effect. Well-groomed allotments; abandoned allotments; a stolen raspberry. Ponds, popular for ice skating in the winter and bird watching in the summer, now still and unpeopled. Flowers; rich, bewildered greenery just starting to take on their autumn hues. Quiet. Yes, I should’ve brought a camera.

I do have some other pictures though! Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me upload them…

Quote of the day

Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings


– Victor Stenger

Prejudice in the making

Something ridiculous happened to me earlier today.
Now, I don’t normally shop for groceries but we were out of walnuts – part of my standard breakfast – so I went to a convenience store to get some. Since my dog was a bit heated, nothing could seem more natural than bringing him on the walk. When I tied him up outside he started getting a bit nervous, and as soon as I got out of sight he started to bark. Well, I thought, I’ll make it quick. And so I did, but when I was at the checkout someone came in. With my dog, who was overjoyed to see me. Then, we exchanged the following dialouge:
Angry guy: Is this your dog?
Me: Yeah, and I just love it when strangers drag him away.
Angry guy: Yes, and we love to hear dogs bark.
Me: Well, it’s all just to annoy you, you know…
Like, WHAT? I understand that barks can be annoying, but how does that give you the right to literary drag away a strange dog? I mean, what would he have done if it hadn’t been my dog? He could have just told me my dog is barking, that he finds it annoying and then given me some tips on how I should get him to stop. Then I might have listened, instead of getting mad.

OK, so this really isn’t a huge deal. It’s just an example of why you should not judge a group from one individual – not all ugly men in their 50’s interfere with peoples lives in such a rotten way. Just like not all Germans are Hitler, not all Afro-Americans are Martin Luther King, not all atheists are preachy, not all girls like pink and not all barking dogs have ignorant owners. Rant over.