How ARE you all?

Chip and I just returned from the most wonderful walk. After two weeks of constant rain, the sun decided to peak through and the temperature is pleasant. Not warm enough to go without a jacket, but still. It felt incredibly relaxing, as if I could forget everything for a little while. The gigantic pile of homework sitting on my desk. The earring I cannot find. Social life being partly wonderful, partly horrible and partly very complicated. The lack of blogging inspiration I’ve had lately. Walk it off!

I regret not bringing neither phone nor camera, because there was plenty of picture perfect moments. Soft morning light, from a pale blue sky. Cheerful, leash tangling encounters with other dogs. Pigeons and sparrows; sweaty joggers with technology far more advanced than their running style; a confused exchange student. Narrow gravel paths, with trees and bushes leaning from the sides in to create a tunnel-like effect. Well-groomed allotments; abandoned allotments; a stolen raspberry. Ponds, popular for ice skating in the winter and bird watching in the summer, now still and unpeopled. Flowers; rich, bewildered greenery just starting to take on their autumn hues. Quiet. Yes, I should’ve brought a camera.

I do have some other pictures though! Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me upload them…


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