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1984, George Orwell

It’s been a while since my last post… Apologies for everyone! I haven’t had a lot of time for blogging, and not that much inspiration either. My reading schedule has been mostly school related, and thus would be very boring to review. (near the end, there is a plot twist: X comes into the picture! Which completely changes how we viewed the previous information, and force us to think of Y as a mere percentage of the price…)

I choked down one book though! 1984.

It’s kind of like my civics book. It contains a very important lesson, but reading… Well.

It has all the potential! Written shortly after the war, it’s a dystopian novel that takes place in an imaginary 1984. The world as we know it (or, rather, the world as Orwell knew it) has collapsed, and what remains is three monster states with similarly awful governing.

It’s scary how relevant the book still is. While democracy is – luckily – getting more common, to say that lots of people still have little influence over their lives would be an understatement. With internet, there are great conditions to create a control society.

Even if it wasn’t relevant, 1984 could still have been an enjoyable read.

The dullness, though. It would contradict the whole idea if Airstrip One was anything but grey, thus it’s grey. It would contradict the whole idea if Winston was used to thinking for himself, thus he doesn’t. It would contradict the whole idea if Ingsoc was a humane way of governing, thus it is. It would contradict the whole idea if the characters found it easy to express their emotions, thus they don’t. However, it would NOT contradict the idea to let the characters have some emotions. It would NOT contradict the idea to throw in some details and adjectives here and there, spice up or shorten some environmental descriptions, let Winston feel AND think.

Basically 1984 wasn’t very fun to read. Unfortunately.

How ARE you all?

Chip and I just returned from the most wonderful walk. After two weeks of constant rain, the sun decided to peak through and the temperature is pleasant. Not warm enough to go without a jacket, but still. It felt incredibly relaxing, as if I could forget everything for a little while. The gigantic pile of homework sitting on my desk. The earring I cannot find. Social life being partly wonderful, partly horrible and partly very complicated. The lack of blogging inspiration I’ve had lately. Walk it off!

I regret not bringing neither phone nor camera, because there was plenty of picture perfect moments. Soft morning light, from a pale blue sky. Cheerful, leash tangling encounters with other dogs. Pigeons and sparrows; sweaty joggers with technology far more advanced than their running style; a confused exchange student. Narrow gravel paths, with trees and bushes leaning from the sides in to create a tunnel-like effect. Well-groomed allotments; abandoned allotments; a stolen raspberry. Ponds, popular for ice skating in the winter and bird watching in the summer, now still and unpeopled. Flowers; rich, bewildered greenery just starting to take on their autumn hues. Quiet. Yes, I should’ve brought a camera.

I do have some other pictures though! Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me upload them…