L’ecume des jours, movie

A while ago, I reviewed the book that this film is based upon.

My impression was essentially that it was a good book, but it took a while to understand. With the movie, I was a little more “prepared” and my expectations were mostly correct.

It was weird. Just like the book, only not at all similar. More straightforward.

I did notice something I hadn’t before. The setting, “world” is not entirely surreal. It obviously isn’t this reality, it is – sometimes – a metaphor (on another note, I’ve been extremely fascinated by metaphors recently. It really is a wonderful thing to get your point out, but with more elegance and less obtrusiveness).  Jean-sol Partre… seems now like the exact same thing as Fall Out Boy’s “sunshine” or Sixto Rodriguez’s “sweet Mary Jane”. And the water lily… would be cancer.

αφρος-των-ημερωνSkilled actors can enhance any movie quite a bit… Beautiful dresses do something too.

I like reading the book first. Seems that wasn’t necessary this time though, because my friend enjoyed it too, without having read it. I don’t recall either of us touching the bowl of chocolate during the movie. Instead, we sat quietly, absorbed. And that’s saying something.


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