Against me!

I have a new obsession: Laura Jane Grace.

I found the band browsing around my Spotify suggestions. The tune of Thrash unreal caught me… It didn’t take long before I realized that the band is more than just catchy songs and punk spirit though.

In cosmopolitan, singer Laura Jane Grace talks about growing up as a transgender boy in the 80’s and 90’s. Coming out and transitioning. And my god, it’s a miracle that I didn’t cry. I cried when I read her Wikipedia article though, which is strange because Wikipedia language is boring even for the nerdiest of the  nerds. Although perhaps that’s precisely why I cried – the objective, emotionless descriptions of her divorced parents, gender dysphoria, confusion, that she began experimenting with drugs at the age of thirteen… It broke my heart.

I’m not transsexual, but I kind of imagine these songs would feel very solacing for someone who is. I don’t know the first thing about transitioning, but I can understand the pain Laura must have felt. Or rather, I understand that there was a lot of pain. “One night, a couple of weeks into transitioning, as I was putting her to bed, she said she didn’t want me to be a girl anymore—she wanted me to be a boy again. I had never felt more self-doubt in my decision than at that moment.” she says about her daughter, Evelyn. I mean…

If you read this blog, you probably have something in common with me, and that means you will probably love this song.

(sometimes I wonder if any of the lyrics are written by other band members)


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