The hobbit: The desolation of Smaug

I feel thin, sort of stretched out, like butter scraped over too much bread. Bilbo Baggins used that sentence to describe his own feelings, but I think they would apply just as well to the recent movies that revolve around him. Because honestly, The Hobbit is not suitable for a trilogy. To be fair it has been a while since I watched the first part, and I might remember that wrong. The sequel, however, I have in fresh memory since yesterday evening.

It is incredible. Special effects are masterly done, make up is flawless. Like, flawless – Smaug looks just like a real dragon.

The story drifts away from the book here and there which I think is kind of insulting to the original Hobbit (and also understandable since they probably had to come up with something new to fill three full movies). My favorite of these additions is Tauriel; female superheroes are just simply more badass than male ones.

The nature is stunningly beautiful (I have to go to New Zealand some day), just as in LOTR and the first Hobbit.

And the actors.

Unfortunately, those things are incredible a little too long. The many battle scenes all take the time to show every little detail, so that after a while they all seem the same. The “transportation” parts and a few other scenes take unnecessarily long too, but I didn’t really mind those for some reason. I didn’t mind the battle scenes at first either, but it only takes so long to show that 1) free running is really cool, 2) martial arts and sword play are really cool  too and 3) orchs are DISGUSTING.


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