L’écume des jours, Boris Vian

I started reading this book – in Swedish, but no one would understand the swedish name if I used it as the title of this post and using the English might be misleading because that isn’t the language I read it in, so French original it is – with no real intention. I knew briefly what it was about, but had no idea why I wanted  to read it.

At first I was confused, upset even. I had to read every sentence thrice to make sure it really was that  strange, which it was. I couldn’t find any depth in the characters, they had no emotions and no sense.

Then, I realized it’s a surrealist painting. I wasn’t supposed to think, rather let myself meditate in the beauty.

At the end, I was close to tears. I had, somehow, fallen in love with these people and their world. In a way, that is all I want from a book.


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