Prejudice in the making

Something ridiculous happened to me earlier today.
Now, I don’t normally shop for groceries but we were out of walnuts – part of my standard breakfast – so I went to a convenience store to get some. Since my dog was a bit heated, nothing could seem more natural than bringing him on the walk. When I tied him up outside he started getting a bit nervous, and as soon as I got out of sight he started to bark. Well, I thought, I’ll make it quick. And so I did, but when I was at the checkout someone came in. With my dog, who was overjoyed to see me. Then, we exchanged the following dialouge:
Angry guy: Is this your dog?
Me: Yeah, and I just love it when strangers drag him away.
Angry guy: Yes, and we love to hear dogs bark.
Me: Well, it’s all just to annoy you, you know…
Like, WHAT? I understand that barks can be annoying, but how does that give you the right to literary drag away a strange dog? I mean, what would he have done if it hadn’t been my dog? He could have just told me my dog is barking, that he finds it annoying and then given me some tips on how I should get him to stop. Then I might have listened, instead of getting mad.

OK, so this really isn’t a huge deal.Ā It’s just an example of why you should not judge a group from one individual – not all ugly men in their 50’s interfere with peoples lives in such a rotten way. Just like not all Germans are Hitler, not all Afro-Americans are Martin Luther King, not all atheists are preachy, not all girls like pink and not all barking dogs have ignorant owners. Rant over.


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