Happy new year!

And so, yet another year has come to an end. Another year of experiencing and learning, a year of disappointments and discoveries. As the fireworks burn off we remember the year, cherish and regret, then forget all about it and make promises for the new one. Although most of those resolutions will be broken within weeks. New year’s is not a chance to start fresh. Your life wont turn over with as the date does – most of us will do the same things with the same people in the same area. Rather, I think of January as a time when a lot of people try to improve. That’s not a bad thing! Resolutions should serve as reminders of what we want to achieve, however distant. And to be fair, most people seem to try at least. It’s indescribably cliché, still I think that is the important part of New year’s resolutions.

My life has changed a lot this year. I have changed, for better or worse. That is to a large part thanks to karate. After the first session last January I was STUCK. Karate is more than just a sport, it’s a kind of philosophy. Mental challenges as well as physical. I had to be disciplined, persistent and concentrate. I grew more confident as I got to know myself, and few new people.

This year, I started writing a lot more. This blog is proof of that.

Most importantly, this is the year I quit eating meat. Here’s why.

For the new year..? Instead of the mainstream be-healthy-be-happy-resolution (with its many variations), my resolution is this: Learn to control my temper. Sometimes I blame my bitch-when-hungry-gene, sometimes my Irish heritage, sometimes stupid people and sometimes mean people. However, I suspect that it might be possible to stay nice and happy most of the time, despite overwhelming proof it’s not my fault if I go berserk. This year, I will exercise my karate patience even when I’m not in the dojo. It won’t be easy. It won’t be fulfilled immediately. It might be forgotten. Yet I’m gonna try, and work for it.

Happy new year everyone!


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