Black Veil Brides Concert

Oh. My. God. I saw Black Veil Brides live this Friday. I still can’t quite fathom it. Me? At a concert? That doesn’t sound realistic. It wasn’t either – it was better than so. Such energy! Such skill! Such superawsomemegafoxyhotness! I can’t believe that only a few months ago I didn’t even like the band.

Black Veil Brides: AndyMy friends and I went up to Stockholm for the weekend (thus the delay of this post) and I was, to be honest, pretty damn nervous. I’ve never considered myself any sort of cool, concert going type. I wasn’t sure how to act, what to wear, when to sing along or scream. However, when the music started pumping I was completely swept away. No need to think, I became part of the enormous mass of pure energy that was released into the air. Perhaps people around me looked at me weird – I wouldn’t have noticed. (they probably did, I must have been the only person in the room whose eyeliner was thinner than my thumb) I wouldn’t have cared either. Horns in the air, bouncing up and down and screaming at the top of my lungs I felt more alive than I had for some time.

The two opening act bands were greeted without excessive amounts of excitement. Especially the first, Strawberry Blondes, weren’t exactly popular. Heaven’s basement were a bit more talented in my opinion. The singer’s strong cockney accent verified that they really had “come all the way from the UK “(unlike BVB, who had come all the way from California…). A punk-ish metal sound; might be something to check out. Still, BVB was what we were all waiting for.

Imagine the joy when they finally got on stage.

Black Veil Brides

I realized that a live performance is something completely different from listening to music on my headphones. As much as I love the latter (really, I don’t know how I would’ve handled the little setbacks of my life without them) there is something so alive about a concert. Although half the song lyrics are drenched by the audience there is something very honest, very direct about having the band only a few meters away. It allows them to do crazy, spontaneous things and make eye contact, so that the audience becomes part of the experience, rather than just passive listeners.

Black Veil Brides: AshleyIMG_1788

Another discovery I made was that Ashley is hot. In most pictures I’ve seen he looks, well, strange. In real life though – rawr! As is Andy (though I understood that a while ago). (And dad, they’re definitely guys).

The pictures are stolen from my friends because somehow I managed to leave my phone behind.


3 responses to “Black Veil Brides Concert

  1. potatobvbqueen666

    I am so happy you enjoyed your time at the Black Veil Brides concert. I love your concert review. Best of wishes. Have a nice day. 🙂

    • I’m happy you liked my review! I always like getting feedback, especially good tehe… I guess from your name your a bvb-fan too? have you ever been to a concert? Now I’m off to check out your blog. Best wishes!

      • potatobvbqueen666

        Thanks again for checking out my blog it means a lot. Yes, I have been to one BVB concert when they were on the Outbreak tour with Bullet for my Valentine. I saw them live on October 3rd in Spokane, WA. I wrote a concert review of it on my blog. Yes, I am huge BVB fan now. I was once deemed a hater of theirs but now I don’t want to ever think about that ever again. Being a hater of BVB wasn’t my best move in my life. But now that they have accepted my apology and now read my blog. I can now start the baby step process in becoming a rock and roll journalist. I thank them for inspiring me for doing so. You’re very welcome. I love reading other peoples concert experiences. Its very intriguing and I get major feels from reading them. Best of wishes. <3, Mariah

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