Vi är bäst!

Have you ever had one of those Oh fuck moments when you realize that there is someone just as crazy/sensible as you? When you read a book or listen to a song, and it describes how you feel better than you ever could, as if someone knows all your secrets and understand, because they are just as weird. Not necessarily in a good way – some things are better kept in the dark. Although most of the time, it brings solace to know you’re not alone.

The last time this happened to me was when I saw Vi är bäst! (translates to we are (the) best!), a pretty hyped movie right now. The context is different of course – 12 year old girls who start a band in the 80’s – but many scenes are like taken straight out of my life. The conversations, the thinks they do, the people… Those girls remind me so much of myself and my friends. Bobo especially, always trying to be kind and responsible but screw up completely. Things just go wrong, something I recognize all too well…

Now that I think about it, the context isn’t so very different. Three teenagers with an inclination for punk music, searching for their place in a stupid world – sounds a lot like my life. They laugh together, because they could never find a closer friend. They make mistakes. Their parents are embarrassing  as fuck. They have arguments and they fight, sometimes taking a while to forgive.

What I love most about this movie isn’t the soundtracks or acting, even if they are great. What I love is that it captures my life, emotions, problems and relationships, in a hopeful way. Not as a worried teacher trying to tell me what to do, but as a friend.


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