Where did the fall outs go?

I just watched (had just watched it when I started writing this) the sixth part of Fall out boy’s “young blood chronicles” and so far I’m not impressed. The video was simply disgusting, just like the previous episodes.

The first video (my songs know what you did in the dark) had a visible symbolism. All their “band stuff” – instruments, albums and objects from the MVs – was set on fire, in the dark. That seems to symbolize how people try to hide their secrets. By burning their previous life they can start over, as long as no one sees them. There seem to be many interpretations though. (just look at the comments on the video…)

The sequels were a complete disaster. The guys are tortured in various ways, by some weird chicks who might be considered hot. They manage to escape with the help of some black guy, but the women follow. Some kind of factory, a forest and an idyllic town are somewhere in the background, along with some pretty violent kids. Patrick is some kind of werewolf. Everything is covered in theatrical blood and red snakes – disgusting.

I suppose that could be a symbol for something like their personal struggle for freedom, or how badly our society treat creativeness. It doesn’t really go with the songs though, and there wouldn’t be any need for so much abuse either.

I used to love Fall Out Boy. To me, they were the kids who never really fit in. The confused and lonely ones. A lot music reflect just that – the feelings of loneliness, heartbreak and anger. The lyrics are well written, and so full of emotion. They even cram in a joke here and there! The tunes complement them well, and the result is just magical. After all the purpose of music is to make the listener feel something, and few do it better than those guys. I cried my heart out to What a catch, Donnie. After a few days I realized I had just been wasting my time on him, and I don’t care felt more like it. With the exception of My Chemical Romance and Blink-182, I don’t think any band has meant more to me.

When they reunited, I was thrilled. The new album is amazing, and I feel like they evolved in a good way. It’s emotional, the lyrics are well written. My only complaint was really that there were too many collaborations. Until the Young blood chronicles.


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