My first post!

I have a blog! It feels almost surreal, even after years of contemplating it. Something about blogging has always seemed very appealing to me – being able to write whatever the heck I want, and share it with the world. Connecting with my readers, and using their feedback to improve. To inspire people through my writing would be a dream come true, as would making a difference, somehow. 

However, I was always put of by something. All the decisions I would have to make, from the color of my background to what language I should write in. All the time and effort I would have to spend. The fact that everything I write could end up anywhere, in the places I least want. I actually had a blog a few years ago, along with a friend, but that was a disaster. We could never find the time to write together, and when we did there was nothing to write about. Every now and then we would write something by ourselves, but it didn’t feel right. Very few people read our gibberish, and most of those left comments only to say we should follow them. We had no ideas, talent or willpower, and it only took a few weeks before we put the site to rest. 

I’m ready to put peanutbutterflies behind and start over. It has taken me quite some time before I started writing this post; after gathering up enough courage I had to figure out all the settings (and that took quite some time), find a decent name, and a million other things. I’m excited, but at the same time scared. I don’t yet know where this will lead, if I will grow to be like the poetic and talented bloggers I love, or if I’ll end up being just another shallow, like-hunting teenager. Time will tell!

Love, Elsa


2 responses to “My first post!

  1. I guess it is safe to say, welcome back!

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